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Spending too much time baby-sitting employees? Had days you wanted to fire everyone? Too small to justify dedicated full time HR?

Employees are messy. Sometimes even “A” players get you in “what were they thinking” type situations. Whether it’s hiring, firing, motivating or legal compliance, Hunter provides one-to-one HR assistance and guidance with day-in-day-out situational decision making.


No Stinkin' Policies

Given that a particular jurisdiction may take a contractual interpretation of any handbook language, safety lies in writing concise, permissive policy versus voluminous, mandatory procedure. Concise, permissive language can elevate the employee handbook to “user-friendly” status by providing the appropriate balance of desired decision-maker control, defensible legal context and needed communication to employees.

Handbook review


Traditional HR concepts and policies were developed for large corporations. Always treating everyone the same, probationary periods, exit interviews, 1,2,3 warnings before termination result in mandated corporate conformity but have little relevance for companies with one-person HR departments.

One-Time Service Fee

On-Site Presentations

Bring Hunter into your organization. Whether it's a half day training program for your managers or a keynote speech for your association, Hunter can customized a presentation to meet your needs. The standard rate is $3800 plus expenses.

Customized Training


"Hunter is the rare combination of subject matter expert plus top-level speaker plus entertainer. He knows his subject well - down to case law - and makes it easy, palatable, and fun. The message is solid, upbeat, fair, and humane for employers, good workers and those with potential, but uncompromising to whiners and malingerers."

— Rick Martin, Vistage Chair


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